Engrave offers custom composition and recording of original music so that it meets your exact requirements. Your vision is our priority and our goal is to fulfil it!

With storytelling as the essence of our music, Engrave values the process of spotting, to delicately capture the emotions of our client’s stories, rather than simply placing ‘roughly suitable’ music over the film. And to make the process more straight-forward, here are the 3 steps to get started with delivering your vision:

We strive to bring the right talent, professionalism and personality to your project within our diverse roster of professional and award-winning film/tv composers. The diversity within our company enables us to deliver musical works for a wide array of genres, styles and moods - from big orchestral scores through to contemporary, electronic and intimate chamber music, you name it.

Having initially discussed a brief with you, we can call upon an array of musical talent to get initial ideas written and synced to your visual. Our music supervisors follow the work closely throughout the creative process, adapting the initial demo and shaping it towards a final master.

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