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We are a music production boutique, dedicated to the exquisite craft of composing and producing music tailored exclusively for the silver screen, television, documentaries, commercials, and music libraries.


Based in The United Kingdom, our artistic prowess knows no borders, as we extend our creative endeavours worldwide. Nestled within our creative cribs, you will find a carefully curated ensemble of composers - seasoned and diverse, representing a tapestry of international talent. From classical orchestral to electronic experimental music, our collective diversity enables us to adeptly tackle any genre or style required.  Our cherished roster boasts a harmonious fusion of composers, producers, music supervisors, and sound designers, all uniting to curate an unparalleled auditory experience.


At the core of our work beats the pursuit of crafting high-standard production music. We take meticulous attention to providing tailored music to our global publishers, designed to evoke specific emotions and thoughtfully curate them into mood-based albums, catering to editors across the globe. 


Allow us to accompany you on your cinematic journey, where every note takes you closer to captivating your audience's hearts and souls.


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