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Introducing: Evoke Scores

Engrave started from one single idea of creating a home for a group of like-minded music composers, working collectively from writing to releasing music albums to scoring moving images. We strongly value the niches and diversed creativity our composers brings to each project, whereby we have decided to set a stage for our composers to fully excel within their own niches. There goes the birth of Engrave’s labels - Evoke Scores.

Evoke Scores music production studio for films TV documentary games and media specialised in orchestral music composition

Evoke Scores is a label for our highly skilled orchestral composers to create and experiment with the intricacies within the orchestral genres. Adrenaline filled adventurous trailers, notorious supervillains themes, colorful orchestrations and everything in between the realm of cinematic experiences.

Spanning across Asia to Europe to America, we have partnered with impeccable clients within the arena of film, TV, media and branding. Focusing primarily in bespoke/custom music services and original library music releases, our team encompasses a collective film/TV credits which includes National Geography, Disney+ and BBC One; with works published on notable music publishers including Warner Chappell Production Music, BMG Production Music, Dos Brains and many more.

orchestral music recording session

Our composers on Evoke Scores dedicated their careers in turning ideas into a timeless orchestral musical journey. Working alongside composers with industry experiences ranging from 2 years up to 10 years creates an environment that induces growth, creativity and most of all a timeless network of artistic insights.

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